Dr. Richie is in-network with multiple insurance companies, such as Aetna, BCBS (not networks S or E), BHSG insurances, Pittman & Associates, and Humana. This does not mean that your insurance will cover neuropsychological testing, however. ***Please note that Dr. Richie terminated her contract with Cigna, effective 5-31-16. Cigna does not cover testing for educational/school purposes, meaning that all such referrals would be self-pay regardless.

As with any doctor's office, it is your responsibility to know which doctors are in network AND whether your insurance covers testing for the referral question, even if the provider is in network. Review your insurance policy and call your insurance representative for confirmation if needed.

Patients often self-pay for Dr. Richie's services because their insurance does not cover testing or if Dr. Richie is not in network. For self-pay patients, you will be responsible for paying up-front costs the day of service. Evaluation charges include time spent in initial consultation, testing session, scoring, and report writing. Call Dr. Richie's office for an estimate of total cost if desired.

Please note that some insurances require preauthorization or referral from a certain specialist. Contact your insurance company if you are unsure whether such prerequisites apply to your  plan. You will be asking your insurance's customer service representative about CPT Code 96118 (Neuropsychological Testing) performed by Dr. Richie under MEDICAL benefits (not behavioral health/mental health benefits). We cannot be held responsible for any misinformation provided to you or to us by your insurance company, including (but not limited to) whether testing is covered under your policy for the presenting problem/diagnosis. You should ask for the reference number(s) for your conversation(s) with the insurance rep  and that individual's name to ensure you have a record of these discussion(s) if needed for future conversations with your insurance provider.

To schedule an appointment, please call 901-737-6677.

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